Journal of Psychohistory –- Call for Papers — On the Subject of — Climate Change and Our Responses to it

       Man made climate change has become part of our physical and psychological world. There has been a wide spectrum of responses to this reality ranging from denial to the conviction of imminent apocalypse. The journal invites submissions on psychohistorical, psychoanalytic, and psychological perspectives on the subject. Some suggestions of possible questions to be addressed:

  • What are the anxieties aroused and the defenses employed to deal with the situation?
  • How have responses changed over the time since we first became aware of the threats to the environment?
  • What are the moral and ethical aspects?
  • What factors shape our responses and attempts to deal with climate change?
  • What economic and political realities influence our perceptions and responses?
  • What economic and political ideologies and beliefs influence our perceptions and responses?
  • How do our responses compare to those toward other global threats such as nuclear war?
  • What, if any, strategies, actions, and changes in beliefs and attitudes are needed to mount a successful defense against the threats?
  • What are the likely psychological consequences if things continue on their present course?

Manuscripts should be a maximum of 9000 words, include an abstract of less than 200 words, and a brief biographical statement. Manuscripts should follow the University of Chicago Manual of Style. Please send as a Microsoft Word document to Submissions are due by August 1st.